Vac-Man Returns

Dads and lads across the globe are rejoicing as Vac-Man makes a comeback!

Following last year’s successful launch of Stretch Armstrong, calls have been continuous for his arch enemy Vac-Man to make a return, now he’s back!

This red skinned monster, first landed in our world in 1994 and now he features06391 Vac Man LSS2 as a giant stretchable and poseable vac powered action figure. Standing at a giant 13 inches tall, kids can attach the vacuum pump to the socket on the side of his head and vacuum out his air, watch as this mutated rigid beast shows his true monster skin. Listen to him Krick and Krack as you bend and stretch him into any pose you can think of. Vac-Man will retain his stretched shape until the valve on the side of his head is released and he returns to his normal state.

This retro toy, priced at just £29.99 is great fun for all the family and now you can collect the whole stretch range including, the original Stretch Armstrong, Fetch Armstrong and more!